Advance Care Planning

We can help you by talking about and planning your death. When your needs for your best care are communicated fear can be diminished. Imagining where you would like to be and how you would like to be treated when you are in the active dying phase of your life is a wonderful exercise. Often it helps you to live more in the present moment with a better quality of life and your loved ones may feel more relief in knowing.


It Takes a Village

When caring for the dying there are many people needed to help along the way as the body changes and physical and emotional challenges need to be met.  Health care professionals, relatives and caregivers are usually part of a large network of helpers. Having someone consistently tracking and communicating needs can reduce anxiety and stress. Helping loved ones and caregivers to understand what is needed and expected in the end stages of dying can bring solace.

This is where Thanadoulas are indispensable. From the first meeting to the planning of the funeral we will be your constant companion. We will advocate for you and be your voice as your needs change and we can coach you and your caregivers through the uncharted waters of your death.


The subject of Death and Dying

The fear of death causes more suffering for everyone especially for the dying. When we cling to the quantity of life at the expense of the quality of life many poor decisions are made along the way.  If someone is ready to die but the families and caregivers are not ready to let them go, there is more conflict and enduring pain.

If we could plan our end of life, deal with the fear even before a diagnosis imagine how well we could die? If we could learn about grief and prepare ourselves for it maybe there could be less pain. If we know we are dying sooner than we expected and have a finite amount of days maybe we would live our best life NOW.